Kimberly Odom, MS 

Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach

Founder of TheBeautyFox.com and The Daily Detox Transformation 

Hello Beauties!

Welcome to TheBeautyFox.com, your source for all things body, beauty & bliss. This site is an extension of who I am and what I love teaching women, nutrition. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Pilates teacher and green beauty expert I have the pleasure of creating nutrition and beauty blueprints everyday for women just like you. The Beauty Fox collaborates with media outlets to share tips and tricks of all things health + wellness. Here you will find delicious recipes, instructional videos and easy to apply articles on topics ranging from skincare to nutrition, smoothies to fitness and overall beauty from the inside out.


Where it all started?

Growing up on a farm near Nashville, TN I was able to learn from an early age the importance of holistic nutrition and clean living. This is where my passion for all things beauty and wellness began. Little did I know that after college, my dog Foxey Lady and I would chase those big dreams all the way to New York City. My southern roots grow deep and I love being connected to so much natural beauty, but NYC has a truly fruitful environment to master my craft in the field of nutrition, wellness and functional medicine.

As a former TV reporter and NFL Cheerleader , I became the go-to expert for all things beauty and nutrition, on and off the field. I found myself being asked by friends, family and even random strangers on the subway for beauty and nutrition advice. As a result, The Beauty Fox was born.

TheBeautyFox.com allows me to fulfill my passion of educating and empowering women to take charge of their health so they can become their most abundant, blissed out, beautiful selves! The Beauty Fox delivers information on how to feel and look beautiful from the inside out!  My goal is to share with you everything I know about health, nutrition, beauty and clean living.

It is my belief that when YOU feel confident and beautiful, like a beauty fox, YOU will be empowered to create a beautiful life for YOURSELF and others. A healthy + beautiful life you have always dreamed of.

It’s simple, here at The Beauty Fox you will find articles, recipes, tutorials and videos covering nutrition, fitness and clean beauty.  My goal is to give you exactly what you need to feel and look like a fox!

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As a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, I help women rebalance their hormones, lose weight, heal adrenal fatigue and detox to improve their mind/body connection. Transformational and clean living

My program, The Daily Detox Solution, focuses on eating foods that naturally detox the body everyday 24/7/365.

By eating real food, learning how and when to eat, you will literally turn back the hands of time by simply adjusting your lifestyle choices.

The results: firm, smooth and glowing skin, abundant energy, thicker, shinier hair and clearer thinking. You can expect a totally transformed body and life if you adhere by my program. My practice is transformational.

TBF takes a clean living approach to both beauty and food; what you eat, how you think and what you apply to your skin all play a key role into weight loss and overall health.

If The Daily Detox Solution is something you would like to learn more about let’s chat!

Contact me: TBF@TheBeautyFox.com